Regal Hospitality Solutions


Service should be both unnoticeable and exceptional, from the front desk to housekeeping.

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Your servers, hostesses, managers, cooks and receptionists: your staff "is" your restaurant.

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Strike the proper balance in your workforce by creating a comprehensive staffing plan for your factory.

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We specialize in light industrial, warehouse and distribution center staffing operations.

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What We Do

Regal Hospitality Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you recruit, train, and manage a high-quality staff that is ready to work and extend the quality of your company. Good service and a positive attitude make all the difference for us.

At our training facilities, recruits are given hands-on experience with service protocol and task management.

Recruits are also taught the fundamental importance of:
 - Sustainability
 - Productivity
 - Accuracy
 - Dependability

In approximately seven to fourteen business days, our recruits can sign employment contracts with you that last up to 18 months.

RHS handles all of the background procedures including the following:
 - All required paperwork
 - Workers compensation and insurance
 - Housing and transportation of employees
 - Providing a liaison for recruits and the establishment

Regal Hospitality Solutions goes beyond the scope of a traditional labor management company. We plan for the future of our recruits and the growth of your company.

From hotels and restaurants to the warehouse industry, your best employees will be found at RHS, where excellence is made by a constant practice of the fundamentals.

Examples of Positions We Fill:

  •  - Housekeepers
  •  - Laundry
  •  - Turn Down Attendant
  •  - PBX Operators
  •  - Pool Attendants
  •  - Bellmen
  •  - Valet
  •  - Chefs / Food Servers
  •  - Hosts / Hostesses
  •  - Concierge
  •  - Golf Attendants
  •  - Stewarding
  •  - Banquet / Cocktail Servers
  •  - Bartenders
  •  - Attendants
  •  - Guest Service Agents