Regal Hospitality Solutions


No matter what your business does, finding the right staff can be a challenging task.

Work-heavy service industries, like factories, are solely dependent on the workforce at hand.

In order to successfully get through the workflow of a factory, the right amount of the right people are required for the job.

There are two things to consider when hiring employees for your factory:
 1. If you hire too many, you will suffer from high costs and a full factory of workers with minimal work.
 2. If you hire too few, stress levels will be high and productivity may suffer due to overworked employees.

To strike the proper balance in your workforce, RHS recommends the creation of a comprehensive staffing plans for your factory.

Based on your business structure, RHS will develop and implement a comprehensive staffing plan by:
 1. Studying the specifics of your business field and manufacturer schedule.
 2. Determining how many employees you need to hire (Permanent, Temporary and Seasonal).
 3. Determining the necessary training level of your workforce.

By following the above plan and searching our International Hiring and Training Centers for targeted recruitment, RHS ensures the most efficient and effective management of your workforce.