Regal Hospitality Solutions


Your Guests Will Be Taken Care Of

At Regal Hospitality Solutions, we understand that your staff must exceed the expectations of your guests each and every time.  The level of customer service delivered must be both unnoticeable and exceptional, from the Concierge desk, to the front door to the turn down service.

Our dedication to training our staff to provide high quality service begins with an emphasis on the consistent performance of the basics.  Each and every staff member that we recruit, train and supervise understands the importance of providing each guest with an exceptional experience.  

When you hire one of our hospitality associates, you are hiring an individual that has demonstrated an excellent work ethic and a full understanding of what it means to provide truly exceptional service.

 “Your employees are well educated, focused of mastering their language skills, understand customer service, and have an excellent work ethic. A large part of your success is the supervision that you provide.  I frequently see your managers on property when they check to ensure that all is going smoothly.”

Martin Driskell  
General Manager @ InterContinental  

 “Regal Hospitality Solutions has provided us with countless professional and skilled workers, many of whom request repeat placement with us. Their workers have quickly adapted to our policies and procedures with minimal training and oversight. The workers come with positive attitudes and the willingness to work and learn.”

Marcia Williams  
Director of Human Resources @ Sands Resorts  

 “The Regal Hospitality management team has made every effort to exemplify and tie-in Meyer Services business practices, goals and mission into their very own, to guarantee our organizations' satisfaction”

Cassandra L. Lechner  
Corporate Recruiter/Human Resources @ Meyer Real Estate