Regal Hospitality Solutions


Your Staff is Your Most Important Asset

Your restaurant depends on the quality of your staff.  Your servers, hostesses, managers, cooks and receptionists are the face of your business and the level of service they provide directly impacts your bottom line. Good service and a good attitude make the difference on whether your guests have the dining experience you expect time after time. Regal Hospitality Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you recruit, train and manage restaurant staff.  Our employees have extensive backgrounds in the restaurant and hotel industries, allowing them to truly understand what it takes to succeed in the service industry.

Your potential candidates are given the skills to succeed before they even step foot in your restaurant. Our training programs teach the importance of taking on multiple responsibilities, resulting in a more productive workforce and a reduction in the number of workers needed.

Our supervisors partner with your management team to create a staffing plan, that ensures that you are adequately staffed at all times -- never overstaffed.

 “Thank you for all the fine people you have assigned to us over the years.”

Jay Bowman  
Drago's General Manager @ Hilton